We at Skelley Piano know that each and every customer needs to be treated as if our business depended upon it, because it does. Don't take our word for it, here are a selection of customer testimonials.

Jennifer Bowman, Juilliard

Since 2000, I have known and worked together with Daniel Skelley in both the technical and retail areas. I have found him to be a colleague who possesses a rare combination of true technical expertise and a high level of ethics in the retail business. Whether the situation was the rebuilding of a Steinway piano, the tuning of a used console, or the selection of a new or used piano from his shop to suit the needs and budget of a special student, Dan Skelley always maintained the highest professional standards. I would definitely recommend contacting Dan for your piano needs.

Phyllis I. Pieffer, NCTM

"Daniel Skelley, RPT, made a fabulous difference in the sound and action of our church piano. His skill at finding the best sound, and touch for the given instrument is phenomenal. He turned a good piano into an excellent instrument, one that is a joy to play. I would recommend him most highly for work on your piano! I certainly will use Dan Skelley for work on my studio instruments in the future."

Chris VanBuskirk, Classic Keys Music Studio

"I had the privilege of wining this awesome prize at WSMTA in 2006. It was one of the best investments I have ever made. I have a Grand Piano in my studio and I thought it was in pretty good condition. BUT, after Mr. Dan Skelley spent eight hours on it, fine tuning, checking every moving part, reconditioning the instrument, it was truly amazing how much brighter it sounded, how every key was smoother, that I was so very blessed to have had this major adjustment done to my piano. Even my students noticed a huge difference. So, if you think your piano sounds great, you won't believe the difference you will have after Mr. Dan Skelley's touch. I highly recommend him and encourage everyone to bid on this wonderful gift!!!!! You won't be sorry! I know that I wasn't! Thank you again Dan!!!

Tim Miller, District Manager of Sherman Clay in Seattle

"Dan Skelley has been doing work for Sherman Clay for several years. His work has always been of the highest quality. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Sherman Clay and Mr. Skelley has fulfilled this responsibility admirably.

Dan has gone to Steinway's technical school in New York and has improved his skills. This extra schooling plays a very important role for Mr. Skelley. It enables him to take on more difficult jobs that other piano technicians would not tackle."

Michael Goodwin, Music Director

"Daniel Skelley was employed as our piano technician and tuner from September 1993 until December 1994. He maintained and tuned our Steinway 9' and 7' grand pianos, as well as our four uprights of varying sizes and I was always impressed and well satisfied with the level of his work and his obvious command of his profession. Visiting artists, including Menahem Pressler, were also highly pleased with his work.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for all levels of his profession."

Robin Chadwick, NCTM

"Dan Skelley has been taking SPLENDID care of my pianos for several years. He is a master at voicing, and has really improved the sound of my restored 1913 Steinway. He is able to pinpoint problems and correct them with a finely tuned ear. I cannot say enough good things about his work. Dan Skelley is the best piano technician I've ever had to work on my pianos.

When the opportunity came to bid on a day of Dan Skelley's piano care, I jumped at the opportunity to help both the WSMTA scholarship and my pianos.

I don't want to make this sound

TOO good, since I'm planning to bid again!!"

Jan Bustad, pianist

"Thanks so much Mr. Skelley for the incredible job you did on my piano--it has never sounded so good nor been such a delight to play. I am absolutely loving it and will be certain to recommend you highly. With gratitude"

Sheila Rowland, Piano teacher

"Hey Dan, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how happy I am with my piano. The sound is very even. The action is light to the touch with an appropriate amount of return. The higher notes are much more solid sounding, less tinny. The pitch sounds better than new, (and I do mean this). The overall feel/sound is much better than I expected, I swear. I had braced myself for somewhat better, all the while telling myself I'll be lucky if it's not worse. At first it took a day or two to adjust to the whole thing, but right away some of the changes were incredibly noticeable. I took (and gave) lessons on this piano before, and others really didn't notice what I was complaining about, or maybe just a little they would say (even some real pros) but I would go play other pianos and of course notice it right away.

So, congratulations! You did yourself up proud! Is is now not only a fine looking piano, but very decent to play!

Thank you very much. Well worth it!

Nolan P. Zeringue, President, Piano Technicians Guild

"It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for a top piano technician, Dan Skelley. I have known Dan for a number of years, and have always known him to be an intelligent, self-confident young man. Also, I have observed Dan to be a good family man.

Dan and I belong to the same chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild, The New Orleans Chapter, and I know first hand that Dan has been a leading factor in the success of our chapter. He has served as an officer and a delegate of the New Orleans Chapter to the National Convention. He has given of his time to help in the examination of new members for the Piano Technicians Guild, and has given technical sessions for our monthly chapter meetings.

Dan is a good technician and a very good tuner. I would be happy to give his name as a technician to any of my customers who would move into his area, because I would feel secure in the fact that they would be getting a technician who would be honest with them and give them top service on their piano.

through the Piano Technicians Guild, Dan is participating in a continuing education program. Anyone who would use his service would be sure to get the best possible piano service, with the latest industry information at his fingertips.

I highly recommend Dan Skelley, RPT, to be your Registered Piano Tuner Technician."


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