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Dan has been in the Piano Tuning business in Tacoma Washington for many years. He has trained at Steinway and has the experience to tune spinets, uprights and grand pianos of all types. Dan has been a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild Since 1980.

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Piano Tuning

"Basic price for a piano tuning in all of Pierce and South King Counties is $110. It take about 2 hours to do a thorough job on your piano. This often includes repairing that sticking key, cleaning and action adjustments. Extra charges may apply if it has been many years since the piano was tuned."

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Meet Dan Skelley

  • Steinway concert and artist technician
  • Trained at the Steinway factory in New York
  • Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild since 1980
  • Owned and operated piano store since 1999
  • Former piano Technician for Central Washington University
  • Former piano technician for Loyola University of the South College of Music in New Orleans
  • Former Technician for New Orleans Institute for the Performing Arts Piano Festival and Competition
  • Member of Washington State Music Teachers Association




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    2029 70th Ave West
    University Place, WA 98466

  • Phone:
    (253) 565-6503
    (253) 320-3585
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